Twitter Disables SMS Tweets after CEO is Hacked

You can no longer send your tweet via text message, well, at least for the time being.

Twitter has announced a “temporary” ban of tweeting via text message. This major announcement comes days after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was hacked by a group of online hackers who used his account to send multiple tweets about a bomb threat and racial slur among other crude messages.

The temporary ban means that all users of Twitter would no longer be able to use the normal messaging service to tweet.

In the early days of Twitter, the use of direct messaging service to tweet was quite instrumental as access to smartphones was still a major problem among many users of Twitter. However, the emerging use of smartphones in the modern era has overshadowed the use of text message to tweet. But still, Twitter has never disabled the feature, thus, allowing users to send a tweet using an SMS. All that a user needed to do was to send the tweet in the form of a message to a number such as 40404 and the message will be tweeted in the user’s account.

Risks associated with tweeting via SMS

Apart from online hacking, a user could lose their phone number, thus exposing their Twitter accounts to major hacking risks. For example, if a phone number is stolen, the number can be used to compromise the account of the Twitter user. Even without logging in, hackers can get access to the account of the hacked user.

Blaming mobile carriers

While issuing the statement of a temporary ban, Twitter blamed mobile carriers, citing that they do not address the vulnerability of phone numbers, leading to misuse of the numbers.

In the same press statement, Twitter also said there is a need to improve their two-factor authentication system that is currently reliant on text messages. This is because this, too, could be compromised.

SMS service back in some countries

In an update by Twitter on 5th September 2019, some countries could have to wait a little longer to enjoy the SMS services while some countries have this feature already restored.

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